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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer To Do's

So what are your plans for the summer…I don’t mean vacations and such, but things to do around the house.  I always plan on getting organizing, decorating things, weeding, gardening done….somehow it doesn’t all get done.   Go figure.  So this is what I’m thinking.  I think we will just start going room by room, just doing touch ups on the pain, cleaning the trim and whatever else needs sprucing up.  You know some of it won’t take long at all and if we all (meaning my kids) pitch in we will be done in no time. Now just putting that into motion is a whole other story.  There are also task outside that need to be done, my patio furniture that is about 15 years old needs to be repainted so the debate is  what color….tried and true black or a fun jazzy color?  If I go with black, you can’t go wrong almost anything goes with it and it is always a classic.  However, a fun color, red, turquoise, green, even orange would be fun….but not as versatile.  I think I’m talking myself into black, I think the white would show to much wear and tear don’t you?  I really do need to get it done as my son’s graduation will be next year and you know what that means – PARTY!!  So might as well get it all done and then I won’t be stressing about it next Spring right?  I think I also need to pick up a couple of great wicker chairs from our BeachAndCottageLiving.com outdoor furniture line to add on our patio for a nice sitting area.  Hope you all have a nice day, see ya later on this week.  Let me know what color you think I should do.