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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ultimate Frisbee

So my girls are getting ready to leave to go play Ultimate Frisbee with a bunch of kids that get together throughout the community to play Ultimate Frisbee.  First time they are going, this group gets together to play every Thursday at 10:00am.  So....the debate is it "no step" or three step" ultimate frisbee????  So got to thinking, this would be a great game to play out at the beach with the kids. 
Here are the basic rules - not official ones....
  • find an area to play and make your boundaries, think football shape
  • 7 players officially on a team, but this is for fun so just divide your players up and that is your team.
  • one team gets the "disc" aka frisbee to start.  They begin by throwing the frisbee in any direction but obviously to their own players.  If the frisbee is dropped, thrown out of bounce etc. then it is the opposing teams turn.  
  • Some rules allow the person to take no steps or 3 steps before you throw the frisbee.  However, you are not allowed to run with the frisbee any other time, otherwise it's a penalty and you have to hand the frisbee to the other team.  
  • Points are received by running into the end zone.
Sounds pretty easy and a lot of fun.  Now supposedly, you are not suppose to tackle, touch, or block the other team players, but if they look like these guys then I think it might be allowed....he he he he. 

Here's my girls getting ready to head off to play....go Gabs and Molly.  Yes they are totally goof balls, one more than the other can you tell?